Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Apple SBAT Team (A Penny Scallan Review & Giveaway)

Apple SBAT Team Mission Report
(SBAT - Subliminal Buzz Achieving Tactics)

Mission: Sizing and Taming
Mission Objective: Measure unruly subjects and tame wilderness known as hair.
Department Assigned: Penny Scallan Design
Teams Dispatched:  Hair Accessory Box (HAB) and Height Chart (HC)

Location: Classified
Mission Theme Song:

Mission Analysis:  Teams landed at classified location to great fanfare and delight...

Phase One:  Team HC found a suitable position to carry out its objective: Size Up.  Being wide, of sound printed canvas and wood structure and featuring large numbering, HC was born for this task.

Phase Two:  After deliberation in their swanky housing structure known as Apple HQ, members of Team HAB worked to their strengths (clipping, tying and holding) to complete their objective: Tame Hair Wilderness.  The diversity, apple appeal and quality of the team allowed for all subjects to be dealt with appropriately  based on age, length of hair and willingness to "get with the program".

Outcome:  Other than the lack of stealth entry, the mission was successfully completed.  Subjects' heights were recorded (credit to Team HC) and deemed fit to proceed to successful taming and enhancement of hair features (credit to Team HAB).  

Team HAB has signed on for an undisclosed amount of daily hair taming objectives.  Team HC has agreed to stay on to regularly measure subjects when required, with a non-negotiable clause regarding Birthdays.

Report End.
Office Admin Notes:  Many thanks to Penny Scallan Design for the opportunity to review these fabulous products.  We love playing with our Hair Accessory Box and Height Chart.  If you would like to own one of these gorgeous Height Charts - you are in luck!  Penny Scallan Design is generously giving you a chance to win one - and you can pick from any of their adorable designs.  Just leave a comment with your favourite design to be in the draw!  Winner will be announced next Wednesday, 10 April.  Good luck!
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  1. This is possibly the best product review I have ever read! Love it!!!

  2. LOVE this product review :)
    Oh for hair taming accessories - one can never have too many

  3. So fun! Love this Leonie, great review! x

  4. Very Cute! Mission accomplished ;)

  5. Ha ha awesome Leonie! great review :o)

  6. You are a crack up!!!! Love that collage of the three girls being measured so much x

  7. Hahaha fun! Totally read this in "the voice" too. i'd go for the apple chart like you! Mega cute! ;)

  8. Great review! I (my kids) would adore the apple chart as well! Fingers crossed! Love Penny Scallan, Noah has one of their backpacks :)

  9. What a fun review, you had me chuckling!
    We'd go for the apple height chart too.

  10. What a great review- LOVE the hair accessories and your models are pretty cute xxx

  11. Oh the apple chart is sucha great idea! Sure beats marking on the new paint work.

  12. Oh lovely. I love the navy star chart and the apple hair things. Adorable.

  13. Brilliant review, loved the music I could play in the background. Made me feel like a secret agent... of to do some damage on the housework now! I just popped my review up too!


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