Monday 10 September 2012

Quick Monday Catchup

Hi Lovelies,
Hope you've all had the bestest weekend and the week ahead is Awesome!

happy happy happy

Here are my Highlights from the last wee while:

Friday:  After a frantic day sitting down with a cuppa
Saturday:  Cuddling a friend's newborn baby - bliss
Sunday:  A happy Father's day
Monday:  The girls singing the chorus from "Feel Inside (and stuff like that)" at the top of their lungs
Tuesday:  Guinea Pig babies!
Wednesday:  A perfect morning spent with a friend
Thursday:  The smell of bread baking in the oven...
Friday:  Tying Anya's hair into a ponytail the elastic breaks... Me: Oh no, you must be joking, not again...  Anya: No Mummy I'm not joking, did the hair-tie make a funny joke?
Saturday: 3 Little Girls relishing ice-cream for morning tea at a local cafe.
Sunday: Ecstatic giggles from two little girls as baby guinea pigs scurried up and tickled/buried in their necks :)

Now I'm off to keep tackling the list of jobs that's as long as my arm... blah.  But currently I have two dancing girls beside me giggling and laughing and having the greatest time thinking they are just the cutest and most amazing performers... I might just have to watch them for a while :)

Happy Monday!
L xx


  1. I hear you about the list of jobs . . . . running out the door AGAIN

  2. our boys are all about singing feel inside too - SO cute!

  3. Friday - That is so cute! oh the innocence!!

  4. Kids say the funniest things huh! I can't wait to take my princess to ballet next year (living vicariously!!)

  5. Lovely, lovely, lovely! yuuk, jobs - watching your gorgeous girls dancing and giggling sounds much more fun!
    I posted your little parcel last week - takes about a week I think so keep an eye out around Thursday/Friday :) x


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