Tuesday 25 September 2012

Hot Wax

A few people have posted about creating melted crayon art lately... and that proved to be just the motivation needed to finally do this with my girls : )

We got ourselves some canvasses from the $2 shop and crayons too.  We stuck ours to the canvas using craft glue.  In retrospect I would have mounted the crayons a little higher possibly or perhaps used a larger canvas to allow more room for the "rivers of wax".

And then we got stuck in with the hairdryer...  it took a while but the hands on approach helped the waiting!

Tada! Two proud girls looking forward to showing Daddy what they made : )

Now on display on their bedroom wall : )

Will have to start thinking about what to make next!
L x


  1. some budding artists in the making

  2. so cute :) it's interesting seeing how different they all turn out

  3. Cool! You got crayolas from the $2 shop!?

    After seeing these everywhere i've been tempted too!

  4. Looks great - I love art that you can hang on the wall - so sweet


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