Sunday 8 November 2015

Forty Five/52

Bonfire week. Our street had a get together on Friday night and let off lots of fireworks. How you enjoyed it being dark enough to experience this! The delight of sparklers :) H went on a school trip to a transport museum at the beginning of the week and buzzed about it every day since. And on Saturday L and mum went to the open stitching day. You were absolutely determined to do back-stitching like your sisters even though many of the other ladies thought you would be better off with something simpler :) But you know your mind and you did beautiful back-stitching.

L xx


  1. Takes after her mama then - determined and talented?! xxx

  2. Bonfire night and street gatherings FUN and yes your wee one has always displayed determination ... Love it
    Also love you've found a stitching group


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