Monday, 2 November 2015

9 Months in October

October was a beautiful autumnal month. Golden leaves everywhere. The sun started getting lower and daylight savings ended. Those beautiful sunbeams cast such a glow upon it all. It brought about more apple baking. And lots of baking in general. The oven seemed to be on more than it was off!

At school we had our first parent interviews, a reading workshop with L's year and made a hilarious times tables rap video with A as a homework assignment. Then mid-term break came along in the last week of October and we enjoyed slower mornings and a bit of a rest.

There were quite a few playdates and fun with the children of the neighbourhood too. And we had our first visitors come to stay! A real treat for us and a lovely opportunity to see our new city, not as tourists, but as hosts!

At the start of the month H and I set off to the open stitching session in town. Loved seeing my girl hone her skills. Christmas makes finally gained a bit of momentum too, in between pattern testing and custom order making.

Life continued to be full and busy but good. We are soooo looking forward to our first winter Christmas!
L xx


  1. Somehow I seem to have missed several of your lovely posts!? Love the autumn photo's with the girls, the leaves looks like gold! Glad it looks like you are all making your new place home.

  2. Visitors how much fun !!!
    Autumn is one of my favourite seasons ...


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