Saturday 7 February 2015


L: How you delighted the air-hostesses. Oh so charming you can be! You were such a good girl on the trip - though you got terribly tired... tears streaming from your tired eyes as you forced yourself to stay awake with all the excitement. You still managed to have great big sleeps and enjoyed watching whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted...and of course the joy of getting a juice from the lovely ladies whenever you asked for it! We visited Cadbury World in the first week here and we all had a lovely time - complete with a great playground at the end to top it off! A bit chilly though and of course you had lost your mittens by then so had cold wee hands, though it didn't stop you too much!

H: Another great girl on the big trip. But you were very worn out by the time we arrived and fought sleep the whole afternoon on landing day. At least you had your soft toy friends to keep you company while we bided time before bed. Four days later at CWorld you were practically back to yourself though and had a blast getting some climbing action in and being a monkey.

A: Always smiling. We didn't hear a sound from you for pretty much the entire trip. Completely happy just sorting yourself out, ordering your own food, sleeping, watching movies, etc. independently. Such a grown up, though utterly innocent wee girl you are. You have retained almost every detail you learned at CWorld, you were so absorbed and taken with it all. Getting out and physical in the very fresh air did you all a world of good. Such joy on all your faces!

L xx


  1. Wow they did so well and so brave! Looks a bit chilly.

  2. What a big adventure for you all . . . Lovely lovely photos
    Poor sleep deprived jet lagged girls and oh so adaptable
    Big love


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