Saturday 14 February 2015


H: This week you decided you were going to work out this shoe-lace tying business and get the hang of it. In your typical fashion you asked for help and Daddy and I showed and guided you through a few demonstrations over a couple of days. You would then disappear to go practice. Within the week you have nailed it! No more shoe-lace tying for us (for you anyway!)! The way you approach things like this sums you up perfectly. Detailed, structured, and will work in a methodical and tireless manner at achieving what you set your mind to.

L: You have so many little things that I often forget to write down or capture. The way you say 'amblulance' and how your whole nose screws up when you pronounce words with an "f" in it. I love it. Or how you still haven't quite gotten the hang of the "s" sound yet and often words like "smoke" become "moke" or "smell" becomes "mell". Cracks us up.

A: It was a big week for us with a little sightseeing and a lot of house and car-hunting and you guys were so good through all the boring driving around and around and around... But you would get so excited at each house we saw, allocating rooms to us all and deciding what goes where, commenting on all the positives of each place or car. Such a positive wee soul - it is such a delight.   We were able to sign up to the library this week too - much to all our delight!

L xx

 (photo's taken on a very old phone... so quality is a bit... not great...)


  1. Looks like the girls are settling in well. Love the huge circular iron fence..........great quilting design :-) Good luck house and car hunting.

  2. Brrrrr it looks cold where you are - so wrapped up! The place you're staying in looks cosy but I'm sure you can't wait to get into your own place - hope you find just the right thing soon xx

  3. The library how exciting !! !! It def is the small things that count . . . LOVING L's face in the photo


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