Saturday 21 February 2015


H: We did quite a lot of walking this week - given the gorgeous days we were having it would have been a shame not to! Lots of sunshine - though still chilly - but oh so glorious! We went back to the sights from last week for some better photo's and you three had a ball running around, climbing and exploring. And you sitting and soaking up the sun in front of the Museum and Art Gallery - your composed little grin sums up the happy outings we've had. Also this week you announced that you want to play soccer/football when you start school here... so can we please get you a ball sometime if possible? Not sure where this idea has come from quite so suddenly, but we've made a note :)

A: You love picking up your sisters. Especially the little one. And she loves getting piggy-back rides from you and being carried around the place. There is just something so adorable about this interaction between you two. You really are such a awesome big sister.

L: So.much.personality. You have taken to walking around with your hands in your pockets when we're out. Or holding onto my hand with the other in a pocket. Along with that look on your face and the way you strut... you really are a character. And you think it's hilarious to close your eyes for photo's... You love, love your sisters doting on you and lap up every bit of it. What a lucky little sister you are :)

L xx


  1. Looks like you guys are settling in wonderfully friend! And that shot of your sweetie carrying her little sister is precious!!! Goodness they are adorable!!! I hope YOU are doing good and that the transition is going smoothly!!! Thinking about you friend! Nicole xoxo

  2. Looks like you've had some nice clear days, love the last pic of L! What a character! xxx

  3. Your girls nice bright jackets certainly add a touch of spring to your photos. Glad you are settling in and hopefully not missing summer too much.

  4. Loving being able to see what the girls have been up to each week. If it wasn't for the attire, you wouldn't think it was winter :) xx

  5. Beautiful photos, looks like you are all settling as well as can be. Love seeing the girls through your eyes .. .. .. can you please teach them how to take a photo of YOU


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