Thursday, 1 January 2015

52: The Final Ones for 2014

You may be forgiven for thinking I had fallen off the wagon so very close to the end... but no. I did miss a couple of weeks due to some camera battery charger issues but have tried to "make up" for it in the last couple of weeks :) These holidays we decided to actively focus on making fun family memories: visits to and "sleepovers" with dear friends, discovering new cycle tracks, visiting special places, going up the Sky Tower, along with some other fun activities in the new year. We have had such a lovely time so far!

A:  You finished your second school year with joy and enthusiasm... the same way you started it. You've grown and learned so much, and are really such a big girl. You have remained consistent and "you" in almost every way: loving, caring, kind, a keen love for animals and a strong desire still to be an "animal rescuer" when you grow up, your imagination still knows no bounds and your passion for reading and crafting has only grown stronger. I can hardly believe you will be 7 in just a few short weeks... you are so "big" and yet still so beautifully innocent and fully believe in Santa, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny and magic. Bless your precious gentle heart and may you stay sweet and pure for many many years xxx

H:  You are such a tenacious and factual child. Your level of determination, precision, fact and detail is something to behold. For a little girl, you are mighty grown up in many of your thinking abilities. You have always been like this and after half a year of school, a very encouraging big sister and absolute drive and resolve, you are thriving and nothing can hold you back. Singing is still a passion for you and we delighted in seeing you and your big sister sing in the school "Christmas Choir". You have such wonderful different relationships with both your siblings, you can read a situation and adapt your approach accordingly. You did not buy the "elves" at Santa's Bach... "they were too big". Don't grow up too fast my darling, but at the same time remain the delight that you are xxx

L:  Over the last few weeks and months you have matured and grown a great deal. You seem a lot older than you are! Your langauge and speech has developed hugely and you have moved on to playing "independently-together" to "collaboratively-together" with other children and your sisters. You are still cunning and smart as a tack, and keep us on our toes... though you have really become a more even-tempered little girl. You've come out with many hilarious things though I struggle to remember them right now. We had great fun putting up the Christmas tree and your obsession with all the Santa's and jingles (bells) - oh how you love the magic of it all. It is almost impossible not to watch you going about your business without grinning from ear to ear. You dance to your own beat and I look forward to seeing just how you grow in the next year my precious little dot xxx

L xx


  1. I love these posts, your girls have a fabulous life!
    P.s did the recipient of your quilt, like it?

  2. These are beautiful photos. Happy New Year, have a wonderful 2015. xo

  3. Your girls are so gorgeous .. .. .. My 9 year old still fully believes in the magic of Christmas :) it's simply beautiful . . .
    Where is that amazing cycle park? Auckland please say Auckland.
    We recently took a trip up sky tower also - much delight to all.
    Love to you and your family xxx

  4. So glad to see that you all had this wonderful time to create new and magical memories. Boy are these pictures magnificent. They capture the beauty of the moment so preciously! And your girls.....they each carry their own spirit in such special ways. You should be so proud of them and of you. You are a great mom Leonie! Happy New Year Friend!!! Nicole xoxo

  5. What a wonderful catch up - I had missed seeing you round out the year with your last posts - which reminds me I haven't yet done mine eek! Would have loved to bump into you in Cambridge at the bike park - and you obviously enjoyed a trip to the Hamilton Gardens too. Your time away looks delightfully countrified which is what we always enjoy on our trips to the Waikato too!

  6. these photos capture such great moments and memories...YAY for BUBBLES xo


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