Sunday, 11 January 2015


This week has seen us at the zoo, the beach, visiting friends, doing a few crafty things and generally enjoying our holidays. We are making the most of all this sunny weather with frequent trips to the beach! And you three are loving it - every minute!
A - you've always loved the water and your confidence has grown so much in the last year. You are fearless and love trying out all the new things you've learned in the water - pure delight!
H - you enjoy the water...but on your terms :) Though this summer has seen you "diving" in and gaining in confidence and ability. Holding your breath and blowing out your nose to submerge your head is your new (and hilarious) accomplishment.
L - Watching you back into the water on your hands and knees makes us laugh. Also pouring buckets of water into your "tracks" in the sand and watching the water "melt" cracks me up (even if you find it a bit annoying!).

L xx


  1. Pure joy! Look at this beautiful setting with your little sweeties loving every second! Here is to many more memories to be made!! I hope you guys have a great week ahead! Nicole xo

  2. Sounds and looks like a fabulous summer, Leonie. Hope you continue to enjoy the sunshine.

  3. wow how pretty ! looks so peaceful .great photos x

  4. Kids and water! Such a great combo and so nice for them to be so confident enjoying it xx


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