Wednesday 17 December 2014

Show & Tell: Rubber Duckie over and out!

Ho ho ho!

Show & Tell Thursday's

Hi again all you lovely people.  First, thank you.   Thank you to every single person that stopped by, linked up or commented on this link...ever :)  After two years, the time has come to say thank you and fare-thee-well linky.  Yep, that's right folks... 106 Show & Tell posts and link-up's later, it's time to call it a day.

The reason the link-up started was to help out a bunch of friends who were looking to re-start the NZ blogging community with some new ideas, new link-ups, different features etc.   It fitted with my plans for the blog and I knew it would be great encouragement to keep up my crafting and creating... Then of course there was the benefit of "meeting" so many other lovely people and crafters through the link-ups! Win-win-win!

However, as is the way of life, things change, plans change and eventually subscriptions expire too :) All things considered and various options explored, its fate is now sealed.

So again, thank you! To all you lovely linker-uppers, commentors, stalkers and sponsors, that kept Show & Tell going for as long as it did.  Without you, your support and kind words, it would have stopped a long time ago!  It has been wonderful meeting so many awesome people and I for one have been inspired and encouraged by you all.   I do hope that this link-up has brought you one or two awesome ideas throughout it's life and hopefully you have been encouraged and made some grand connections with other lovelies too.   At the end of the day, that was what it was about - a crafting community coming together :)

If you've come to link up...fear not! There is one more this week! Use it or lose it I say :)
As always I look forward to seeing what wonderful things you've been up to!
Have a wonderful week leading up to Christmas.
Craft on!!
L xx

Show & Tell Thursday's


  1. What an awesome link up this has been - you've inspired and encouraged so many Leonie with your amazing talents. And even though I don't think I've ever linked up (ahem - clearly not craft enough!) I've so enjoyed seeing all your creations come to life. Everything has its season hey....I'm having to learn this and not hold too tightly to keep things going in my life too once the season has had its day :-) All the best for a super duper blessed Christmas my friend xx

    1. Ditto! Have loved seeing your amazing skills, and the results xx

  2. Ah!!! I hate to see your awesome link up go but I do understand how the tides change and new things roll in! And I grabbed my post today and to my amazement there was the sweetest package ever!! You are so wonderful Leonie! You and the photo of your beautiful family made my week!! The beans jumped to the sight of chocolate and rushed to hang the ornament from the tree!!! So very thoughtful and kind of you dear friend!! Happy day to you! Nicole
    Ps.... Your ornament is my new favorite!

  3. What a place of inspiration and encouragement your blog is, I am sure that even without the link-up that it will continue to be a source of great ideas for so many. I am sad to see the link-up go, but totally understand your reasons and want to thank you for all your efforts in continuing with it for so long. We all know how long it can take to compose a blog post let alone making a new craft to showcase each week so to do that for two years is really incredible. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.

  4. Thanks for being that place to pop in...I myself have not been very creative this last year but have loved popping in and seeing what everyone has been up too....look forward to seeing what still appears in your space and the craftiness I am sure you will continue to come up with. . Merry Christmas xxxx

  5. Aww. I am a bit sad that the link up is ending, but will still keep looking at your lovely blog. Linked up for one last time.

  6. You have been the ultimate hostess - generous, kind, inspiring... all of those and more! Applauding you as you take your final sashay! xxxx

  7. ps - LOVE that top cushion!! ; o x it's very well loved

  8. I hope you will keep showing us your amazing creations though :-) I have so enjoyed discovering your blog this year.

  9. You've done such an amazing job of running this linky! So amazing to see all the beautiful projects that you produced EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK! looking forward to seeing where your blogging and crafting takes you next year. Hugs J x

  10. such a gorgeous rainbow quilt.!! loving all the other makes too......xo


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