Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Show & Tell: Makers Gonna Make

Hi Guys & Gals

Show & Tell Thursday's

Given many of you are makers, or know makers, or you're not but like looking at pretty things... well, I thought I would give you some ideas on maker type gifts for others, or know... whatever works!

In the yarn department:
Kate from Greedy for Colour released this adorable book earlier in the year: Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon... a super sweet story that ends with crochet patterns... Adorable Crochet patterns... This would be a goodie for both kids and crafters... two birds people, two birds...

Catrien at Yarnfloozy does amazing hand-dyed yarn. Now of course this one is not just for Crocheters but also knitters or people who like to have a lot of pretty yarn to stroke. Seriously - go and have a look at some of the gorgeous skeins she produces.

In the sewing department:
It's no secret that I am a fan of Juliet's paper-piecing patterns. Her Tartankiwi Craftsy shop is jam-packed with all sorts of goodness - for beginners and experienced piecers alike. You are bound to find something here that would help to make an excellent gift!

If you're more into garment sewing... then surely you've visited Lisa at Big Little. Here you will find enchanting childrens' and ladies clothing patterns along with some other little delights and a small selection of pre-made items too. I'm yet to come accross someone who doesn't love these patterns or garments!

Just a small wee selection for you today to get the juices flowing and enable you to get your gift crafting on. Don't even get me started on other talented people who produce amazing finished products, from cards to toys to jewellery to homewares... I love browsing Etsy or Felt to discover some true gems!

Dont forget to link up your makings (present or past!) and do share if you have some other local talented suppliers we should visit!
Happy Thursday lovelies
L xx

PS: This is not a sponsored post - just sharing some lovely "tools of the trade" people I admire : )

Show & Tell Thursday's


  1. Lots of fabulous shopping ideas!

  2. My goodness is that an eye full!!! Such amazing talent and I love that paper-piecing pattern!!! Just so much inspiration pal!!! Hope you are well friend! Nicole xo

  3. So many talented makers out there. I haven't heard about Kate before, thanks for sharing. That hot air balloon is so cute!

  4. Aww thanks x. Off to check out the hot air balloon!

  5. You lady are good through and through 😊 now I'm off to check out that paper piecing... I can feel a new obsession coming on 😊 xx

  6. How did I miss this? Thank you sweet friend.


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