Friday, 8 August 2014


A week down south in search of snow... Queenstown didn't play ball with all the melting snow and gale force winds forcing mountains to shut... Lucky is snowed closer to home a few days later and we managed to find just enough on Mt Teviot to make a few little dreams come true!

L:   Your favourite activity up the mountain in the little bit of snow was stomping in it and riding on the sled...  such delight!

A:   You had been hanging out for this... and you went gangbusters when you finally got your hands on some... The cold cold wind and melting snow was not fun all the time but you got back into it after a wee warm-up and dry gloves.  It was one of your favourite parts of the trip.  And I still chuckle when I think of you trying to make a snow angel the minute you bolted out of the car... priceless.

H:   Cuddling your snow-girl.  You carried her around with you between trowing snowballs, building snowmen, pulling and riding on the sled, attempting snow-angels and running around.  At one point you thought you had lost her, but we found her and cuddling resumed : )

L xx

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  1. These photos are GORGEOUS! When I clicked on your post and saw that first shot of your little heart just jumped! The light that you captured and their bright cheery faces paired with their colorful snow gear looks like it should be in a magazine!! Such fun!! Happy weekend to you! Nicole xoxo

  2. Aww, these photos are beautiful! That last one, the colourful little cherub foreground, and those ranges in the back - so, so pretty!

  3. Oh shame there was no snow for the kids, they just love it. I guess you always have Snow Planet!

  4. What beautiful photos
    Hope we find snow when we go on our mission in a few weeks

  5. Wow, what stunning photos! Snowgirl, so dear!


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