Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Hottie Project 2014

The last couple of days have been f-f-freeeezing... It's all relative of course, but here in Auckland things like frost, icicles and not feeling your toes, means is pretty darn cold for us!

And we're lucky.  Toasty clothes, toasty house, toasty toasty toasty... It's easy to forget how fortunate you are when you think you're shivering your backside off!

Last year Lisa launched The Hottie Project.  With the help of Kidzcan and wonderful people like you, from all over the world, hundreds of children in Christchurch received warm hottie's with covers to keep them toasty during cold winter months.  It was a great success, and this year it's on again!

Head over to Lisa's Hottie Page and signup!  You don't have to be a crafter, there are other ways you can help!  Crafters and non-crafters alike will receive a welcome letter with all the details and ways to help, including patterns and additional information.

I'm looking forward to participating this year again... it will be great to have you along!
Thanks and keep toasty!
L xx


  1. I thought this was a great idea last year, so I made some. This year is no different! Only some of those kids are STILL in the cold.

  2. So glad you are joining in again this year! Thanks so much

  3. What a fantastic way to pay it forward and help others! I will pop on over!!! A wonderful week to you friend! Nicole xo


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