Saturday, 10 May 2014


L:  Expeditions like these see you go quiet, focused and serious whilst you are captured by your surroundings and 'the task at hand'.

H:  Weeeeeee!  You had this wee contraption to yourself and enjoyed being able to go at a much less crazy pace than the one your sisters set!

A:  Your pockets were overflowing with shells, whenever you ran they spilled out.  But you continued sorting, searching for more until the kowhai seeds were discovered...

A morning at a beach playground was a morning well spent.  So much fun, so much to see, to collect, to do on a perfectly gorgeous day.
L xx

Joining in with Jodi @ Practising Simplicity


  1. Looks like a lovely day !! I'm imagining that crazy pace and smiling

  2. I love how they each have their own interests to pursue but they also play together! x


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