Sunday, 25 May 2014


L:  Your imaginative independent play has gone to a whole new level lately. I could listen to your stories and play conversations all day long. On this phone call you were discussing some serious business relating to biscuits. You have also started a very funny/sweet thing whenever we're in the car... "are you happy Mummy?". Gorgeous checking in on everyone's happiness levels.

H:  Cuddles with Daddy, after almost 3 weeks away. You (and your sisters) have enjoyed snuggling and talking and cuddling with him this afternoon. So precious and fills my heart. Lately when you ask something and we reply with "maybe" or "we'll see" or some such phrasing... you say: "maybe means yes, thank you." or "we'll see means yes, right?" Too funny.

A:  The amount of time you spend getting your bed just so, and the blankets and distribution of animals exactly to your liking is something else. Very precise and very sure of it all you are my gorgeous girl.

L xx

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  1. That's a long time to go without Daddy cuddles - absence really does make the heart grow fonder especially in kiddies hearts hey. I also love the "are you happy Mummy?" - that is just so precious that she cares enough to ask!

  2. Such sweet moments that you've captured. Tell me how to get my girls to make their beds - we have bunks too and even I hate making them! Fun fact: my girls have the same woollen blankets as yours.

  3. Don't you just love their little conversations and their attention to detail in their little spaces! How absolutely wonderful that you have captured that! And such awesome photos! (we have the same kitchen as you!!!) Glad your husband is back home getting cuddles! And a lovely weekend to you! Nicole xoxo

  4. Business involving biscuits is ALWAYS serious! Bet you are all glad to have David back :-)

  5. I hope your days have many happy moments in them - with these gorgeous wee girls bringing you much joy xxx
    H's hair is simply adorable I love it !! !! !! And L is beginning to look more and more like A as she grows older.
    Beautiful photos


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