Monday, 10 March 2014

Once upon a time there was a Zebra and a Sheep

They languished away in forlorn days at an opshop... who would love them? Who would care?

Ahha!  A Zebra lover and friends stumbled across our little Zebra and it was love at first sight... never shall they part!

Lambie rose to comfort a crying and miserable hot tired girl...all others have been forsaken in favour of our beloved Lambie...never shall they part!

Needless to say bonds were cemented after a number of washes...
The couples were simply meant to be : )
L xx


  1. It is the little things in life isn't it?!? What wonderful finds for your girls.... Nothing better than a cuddle buddy! Happy day to you! Nicole xoxo

  2. Oh I bet the Zebra lover adores that lil pillow
    Good score there Mama

  3. Ah I do love a happy ending!!! Perfect gifts for your girls :-)

  4. yes it's often the way the least loved by one become the most loved by another x

  5. Hehe I bet you had fun finding those :). X

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