Monday, 9 September 2013

More sheety goodness

The oppies haven't held much good fortune for me since the last crazy blanket blitz.  But then last week... whoop!
Aren't they awesome!?

The yellow ones are single sized and quite thin in the middle sections but plenty of bright goodness to be utilised around it!

And these blue ones... doubles and in good condition... they make me happy :)

Joining in with Max and her crew this week.
L xx


  1. Love love love!!!! Especially the yellow. I dream of coming across a huge pile of vintage sheets. xo

  2. yes, they are awesome, both sets. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with them this time?
    I just dug out a couple of retro sheets i opped eons ago. i'm going to sew them together to throw over the washing line to make a tent for the kids to play in some day soon. the linky is up now, i was late off the mark again, full of cold this time, ugh!

  3. love them
    the yellow ones make my heart sing


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