Wednesday 6 February 2013

Show & Tell - Making something out of nothing

Happy February everyone!

Show & Tell Thursday's

Here we are - second month of the year already!  First things first... winner announcement for January's giveaway!

Lydia's Treasures

Thank you to everyone who linked up during January.  And thank you to Lisa for kindly donating/sponsoring January!  All names went into a hat bowl and we've drawn a winner...

Congrats Jenny!  As promised, you will get to choose a fat quarter from this gorgeous collection and also receive a metre of pom pom braid.  I will email you shortly to organise everything!

Last year I found some awesome bag handles at Spotlight.  I immediately knew they would be perfect for a bag for Miriam for our Advent Swap.  I had no idea how or what I was going to do...  I like patterns or rules or some sort of guideline... but...

I searched and searched but could not find anything that remotely fit the idea I had in my head... so I made it up...

Handles, hexagons, batting, lining, some hand-quilting to keep the layers together... and a lot of "i hope this works out"...

It looks use-able right?  I was a little surprised and just a teeny bit happy with the result!  I might just try it again sometime : )

Are you a pattern kind of person or do you like to "wing" it?

February's giveaway is this awesome Grace Taylor Paper Pack and Set of Journal Tags.  It's a gorgeous design and fantastic for all kinds of projects: scrapbooking, cardmaking, decorations, paper bunting, etc, etc...

Everyone who links in during the month is in the draw!

Cant wait to see what you've been making and hearing your thoughts on structured or free-spirited creations!
L x


  1. I love hexies and I loved watching this bag come together !! !! !!

  2. Love the bag! Why do you hand quilt and not just do it on the machine? One of lifes big questions i've always pondered!


  3. that bag is so miriam, i bet she loves it to bits! your so clever making it from scratch like that. i have a real problem following written patterns, so if it isn't on youtube in 3 d real life action i'm nearly always winging it a bit! gorgeous paper, perfect also for a spot of doll house decorating i think!

  4. That bag is fantastic! Youve used some really cute fabric. I am yet to try hexagon patchwork, seems to hard! I wish i understood patterns so I wing it instead. Ive linked my crochet cushion! x

  5. Wow! So excited to click over and see that I've won the giveaway! Thanks so much - I'm such a lucky girl! The bag looks great! You should totally write a tutorial - this is the kinda thing I could see going viral on Pinterest! I'm continuing with a hexie project I've got going on (a pretty slow burn one though I'm afraid), but this week I've linked a hot air balloon I've been working on.

  6. That is so so lovely....I think you did a fab job of winging it....I think I am inspired to dig out all the bag handles in my stash. xx

  7. I love it, one day I will make a quilt. You make it look easy but I'm sure it's not : )

  8. Hi Leonie... Congrats to Jenny for the win... Love your bag!!

  9. Such a gorgeous bag and all the more special for Miriam because you designed it from scratch for her!
    As for pattern or wing it- you know me, wing it every time and keep my fingers crossed that I don't get myself into trouble (which I normally do!)

  10. I wing it! and that is one cute bag! Lucky Miriam, you really spoiled her :)

  11. Oh and by the way love! the cat add too :) lol

  12. Hi Leonie! I do love a set of clear instructions and a pattern, but I admit to sometimes taking a left turn somewhere and winging it. ;) I haven't visited in such a while, I didn't know about your linky. Hope you're doing well, and your little miss is a doll! xoxo

  13. congrats to Jenny! awesome win!
    Your hex bag is cool. well done. Love how colourful it is

  14. Love the hexie bag - it's gorgeous :-)

  15. Hey Leonie - what's the 'blogging protocol' ;) for linking in, is two projects under the same linky a project too many? I'm new to this linky-thingidy-boo.


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