Monday 25 February 2013

Cake Popping

For Anya's 5th Birthday I thought I would try to make some cake pops... I'm sure you have seen them all over the interwebs...  After some researching and investigation I discovered I was far too time-poor to do this the "proper" way... so I went for the shortcut...

I found these pans on TradeMe for $1 reserve ..

Next minute it arrived on my doorstep and we were makin, bakin and decoratin...

I made some of the suggested amendments to the box of vanilla cake mix I decided to use for this exercise.  Then split the mix and added the rainbow.

We popped the top tray on and into the oven they went.  I am sure though I didn't bake them for the suggested 20 minutes but more like 12...

Out they came - little volcanoes flowing over.  Yummy crispy bits that popped off and were sampled : )

They cooled down pretty quickly.  So that evening after testing a few we decided they were rather tasty and set about decorating them.  And this is the part where I forgot to take any photo's.

I opted for white chocolate so it would show off the coloured sprinkles better.  Dip the stick in the melted chocolate, stick it in the pop and then dip the pop in the melted chocolate.  It got a bit tricky twirling and swirling to get it to cover the surface properly... luckily there were lots so by the end I was getting the hang of it : )   Sprinkles on and then stuck into a wrapped styrofoam square to stay up.

They tasted good, looked cute and were gobbled up.  I am pretty sure we'll be making many more in future!
L xx

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  1. love it and great idea to look on TM I'm going to do that too :o)

  2. They look awesome! I have been meaning to have a go for a while and you've inspired me to search Trade Me for a mould to do it!

  3. Wow, they look so good!! I love the pans...especially with because the create volcanic extras which you HAVE to sample ;) Thanks for linking up xx

  4. Oh, how funny. Have a look at my blog and see what I was doing too.

  5. oh my goodness... I love cake pops... must get one of those pans.. looks alot easier than getting my hands messy and the cake wouldnt be so sweet... they look great!!!

  6. I have never seen these they are soooo cool. Thanks


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