Friday, 22 June 2012

Modern Sampler Bee - Round 3

It's time! Round 2 is drawing to a close at the end of June and I am well overdue to get things organised for Round 3... I have valid excuses I assure you but will go into those a little later :)

So - Round 3 for the Modern Sampler Bee will commence in July with blocks to be completed and sent by the end of September.

We are making and sending to each other 12.5" x 12.5" identical Blocks of OUR choice in the colour choice of the individual BEE members out of our fabrics.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the first two rounds and am looking forward to this one.  If you'd like to join in the fun, leave a comment or email me or Cat.  Go on... you know you want to!

Looking forward to hearing from you lovely people!
Have a great weekend :)
L x

This is the result of blocks received and made so far... with more to come!
Various blocks came from: Cat, Juliet, Nin, Laura, Lisa, Sharon, Debra and Treena


  1. Sign me up again. Still waiting for a couple of blocks from Round 2 and excited to get stuck into round three :o)

  2. Count me in- still waiting for a few blocks from round two :D

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  4. I would love to join again, however with quilts to make in the next couple of months i promsied myself not to sign up for any more swaps. Maybe round 4.
    All of my blocks will be in the mail next week, all are made except for 2, will mail en masse once done. YOur blocks look great together and i think mine will work in too!

  5. Yes yes, count me in. :o) Your collage looks great! I have yours done for round 2 and need to drop it in the mail. Only one more to make. Shouldn't take long. Thanks for organizing this.. you and Cat are doing an amazing job and I have LOVED my first bee experience. :o)

  6. LOVE your collage and of course I'm in ::))

  7. Hmmm... not sure... thinking about it... could probably be persuaded though ;-)


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