Tuesday 29 May 2012

Superhero E

It's finished! One superhero cape for a little girl who loves dress up's 3rd Birthday :)

It turned out ok I think - the shiny fabric and colours are sooo pretty....

I used this very clear and simple tutorial/pattern.
Hope the birthday girl saves her world!

We have a gorgeous day but 3 sick little girls... Went off to the doc this morning to get the lay of the land as temps up to 39.5 amongst other things are a bit high for my liking - knowledge is power and we hopefully have some remedies!  Luckily nothing serious at this stage :)

Having a fold out couch, duvets and movies makes feeling yuk a whole lot better though :)
3 more sleeps to the long weekend!
L x


  1. That is certainly fun and bright for a little girl! very cute.

    Shame about your sick kiddies though.
    You may already know this but it maybe worth sharing - a wet warm flannel wrapped under their armpits works wonders to bring down their temp... its not the temperature of the flannel it's the evaporation on their skin. A army nurse taught me that one ( when we lived in Waiouru ) and its beats a cold shower or cold flannel and one unhappy kid everytime :) Hope they get better soon

  2. cool cape! get well soon cute wee thing x

  3. Hope things improve soon xxx Cape looks great

  4. Hope everyone is feeling better soon (and that you all get a good nights sleep). Love the cape! She's going to be one happy little girl!

  5. The cape looks fantastic! Sorry to hear about your sick little girls. I hope they feel better soon x

  6. Love the cape... I have to make one for my litle man now :)
    Hope you little ones feel better soon!

  7. Awesome superhero cape......what I would give for a real one......

    Hope the girls are feeling tip top ASAP, but I'm sure duvets and DVD's will help in the meantime...

    Claire :}

  8. Love the cape
    Do not love sick kiddos - poor sweetheart xxx


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