Thursday 10 May 2012

Mother's Day Makings

With Mother's day coming up I realised at the start of the week that I better get my A into G and organise something for hubby's Mum and Oma...

They live in the South Island so when I saw Nin's Handwarmers it was a no-brainer.  But that's one sorted... what the heck for the other?

A lovely friend recently gave me this Crochet book which had a very simple and cute wee purse in it.  Perfect I thought, so whipped it up super quick.

Mmmm, not quite enough though, what else, what else.  Aha, this website had lots of quick ideas so I settled on a couple of keyrings.

Mother's day is a wrap.  Linking up here.
Bye bye
L x


  1. i'd be over the moon if they arrived for mothers day, they're gorgeous all x

  2. So bright and cheerful. Love!

  3. Love the little crocheted purse, so bright and cheery with the lining fabric and flowers on the front.

    Great gift idea the key fobs, I'm sure they'll be pressies that are used and appreciated....

    Claire :}

  4. I hope you got a treat for mothers day too. Love the flowers on the crochet purse.

  5. Oh that is so adorable - I love the lining inside, tell me are you addicted to make the flowers? They would be great for so many thinks - hairties and headbands and brooches and gift wrapping....

  6. Love that purse!!! I'm kicking myself for not bringing more wool with me to hook my ripple with

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