Thursday 24 May 2012


Even in the darkest night there is a star that shines : )

Lately I've been drinking truckloads of this:
Sooooo goooood......

We are absolutely loving A Game of Thrones.  It is freeking brilliant.  Seriously didn't think we'd get into it as I'm really not much of a medieval/fantasy type person but alas, we now hang out for it.  And on the same note... Mighty Ape had a wee book sale on Wednesday... and look what my fingers bought...
Have no idea, No Idea, when I am going to read them but I WILL!

And my girls - where would I be without them and Hubby? This is Liezel who turned 1 in April, and a couple of weeks later got her first teeth - this kid is my little firecracker :)

Have a happy weekend everyone!
L x

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  1. Hmm, my sister and brother-in-law have been raving about A Game of Thrones, and it seems the books are definitely popular! That's an impressive pile you have to get through :)

  2. Yum sounds delish, I may have to grab one on my next shop. And thanks for the recommendation, my hubby loves books like these.
    And what a cutie, you can tell shes alot of fun from the pic! :)

  3. That drink looks and sounds delish! I've watched some of Game of Thrones - and then the second series started to twist my mind a bit and I couldn't bear to watch anymore (the cruelness and barbaric acts). My mind has trouble letting go of scenes that disturb me - even though I know they are 'fictional' - there is the knowledge that acts like that happened in the past and continue today - in different ways.

    On to more positive things... your little firecracker is a gem :) Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. your little firecracker is gorgeous!

  5. What a sweetie! how cute.. I love the photo of you three littlies in you header...
    Have a great weekend.. hoping you might get some time to have some 'you' time to read :-)

  6. How funny, I am watching Game of Thrones as I type sure is brilliant. Such a good watch! And that little face is so cheeky sweet. Thanks so much for linking up this week xx Meg

  7. I love hazelnut latte, I have pegged the Game of Throne books to read, I am the same not into (or didnt think I was) all that medievil, scifi-ish fantasy stuff. But then I watched 'eclipse' from the twilight saga and now I am open to anything :) Beautiful wee girl. Popped over from the things I'm loving linky, awesome post :)

  8. You certainly do have some reading ahead of you....but you can't beat a sale.x

  9. Good Morning Leonie, I'm Just spreading some bloggy love and handing you a blog award- see here for details:


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