Wednesday 29 February 2012

Modern Sampler Bee: Block for Juliet

I was so happy to get my blocks in the mail to the other Bee participants last week.  Juliet has just revealed her one, and better yet - she likes it! :)

Told you I had fallen for hexies!  Initially I only completed the 5 blocks for the other bee members... but yesterday started working on mine.  Whoopee!

Happy Thursday everyone.

Linking up with clever people here.


  1. Hey am a new blogger eeekkk, and am really keen to link in and pop some of my creations on on a thursday. just wondering if you could explain how i do this? Thanks heaps :)

  2. It's perfectly perfectly perfect!
    Love Juliets colours Love your hexies Love this Bee Block Swap

  3. Love my block! Thank you so much! You are so clever!

  4. Miriam...go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page and it tells you how to join in...come on over!

    And Leonie - I just adore the colour scheme, orange and turquoise - yum!


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