Tuesday 21 February 2012

Book Review: Orange Pear Apple Bear

Orange Pear Apple Bear
Author: Emily Gravett, Illustrated by Ben Cort
campbellb, Paperback, Hardback, Board book, US

Available in difference book formats, this simple book featuring an orange, a pear, an apple and a bear is extremely clever. By rearranging just four words, Emily Gravett creates a series of playful images which are a sheer joy - and intensely satisfying. The loose energy of the pencil and watercolour pictures will be irresistible to adults and children alike.

I dont know what it is about this book, but I was enchanted the minute I started reading it.  And there is not much to read at all.  Everyone joins in, though it is a bit basic for the 4 year old.  She still likes the pictures and finds it amusing.  Clever and simple - it is pure joy.  

Happy reading.

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