Monday, 6 February 2012


Last year my lovely juvely friend Cat and I became Hookers...

Christmas Baubles - Pattern @ Greedy for Colour

Like true ladies of the night, we learned the basics on Friday nights during November 2011 from the very talented and funny Natalie.  Once we got into the rhythm we were hooked!

First Hat - Lesson 2

Since those first lessons full of innuendo, jokes, frustrations and the odd expletive, laughter and scrummy food, we have become more bold and daring in our projects!

Mastering the "Ripple"

I don't have nearly enough time for all my little projects but from Friday night we'll be having monthly crochet/craft nights which should go a little way to scratching some itches!
Cutie Cupcake - Pattern Here

You can read about our lesson evenings here, here and here.
Christmas stars - Lesson 4, just for fun.

Ohh the possibilities...
Stripy Dutch Christmas Bauble

Gifts, decorations, fun...
Granny Square Cushion Cover

I'm working on another new item...just for fun...

I highly recommend it as a hobby!
Go wild, go crochet!


  1. tee hee your post made me giggle xxx

  2. wow! you have really mastered it! love the granny square cushion!


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