Sunday 13 September 2015

Thirty Seven/52

Back to school this week for our two big girls. Great to start at the beginning of the school year and you two were rearing to go. Already both of you have signed up for "performing" club, and H is back into football. H was also recognized for good work and behaviour on multiple days, including a visit to the principal to show off her great work. It was a fantastic start back at school for you both. Mummy got to have one last week with her baby girl. On our last Friday together we went to a theme park with some of your new school friends, which was great fun. You had a ball and I had a ball watching you. On Sunday we went to visit a little local farm - kids and animals... so much joy :) A refreshing end to the week - new beginnings and endings all round.
L xx


  1. Magic photo's of your girls, I like the owl and learning to bike ride ones from your previous post too!

  2. I just love love love those last two photos - your gal is so full of expression. The 'away in another world' on the carousel and the utter joy at the sun on her face are so magical in these shots. Beautifully captured mama!

  3. L is so full of personality isn't she
    Oh I miss the wee darlings so much
    P was saying the other day she misses H and who will Z marry now LOL


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