Tuesday, 25 November 2014

45, 46, 47/52

A:  You are a reading machine - you finish them off at the rate of at least one book a day... your appetite for books is insatiable!  Lucky we had a fresh supply of 24 library books (you were so excited about that!) when you came down with a yucky bug.  Your non-stop jibber-jabber stopped for the weekend, but before long those energy levels were back up to normal.  Drawing, reading, biking, talking talking talking... your little brain barely ever stops.

H:  You are loving school and are basically part of big sister's class and still managing to be a friend to everyone in your class.  You are always being called and greeted from all manner of children and teachers.   And my heart swells when I see how kind and inclusive you are to children who are new or struggling.  What a gem you are.

L:  You know how to keep us on our toes!  When you're not yourself things are pretty intense but they are always overshadowed by the delight and joy you bring when the mischievous look re-appears in that little face.  You march entirely to your own beat in all regards - one of the funniest ways it is expressed is in how you dress yourself.  The outfits are hugely entertaining and recently you went through a week of dressing for the next day underneath your pajamas.  Come the morning you whipped off the pj's and tada!  You were ready to roll :)

L xx


  1. Just went over via your blog and looked at your pinboard. Love it!!

  2. What a very diverse family. Love the photos.

  3. Oh I really hope that you didn't all catch my nasty cold. Poor A looks so pale and serious in that first photo.
    Love you and your beautiful girls! Such a warm and fun family xxx

  4. Gosh I hope you are all feeling much better now - I love that last pic - so much wonder and thought in it!

  5. Such gorgeous girls! I love the thought of L with her next day clothes under her PJs how entertaining.....one resourceful little girl ....hehehee


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