Sunday, 20 April 2014


L: You had such a big day on your birthday.  Easter eggs hunt, cake, treats, pressies... You were fully engrossed in it all and loved being the legitimate queen bee for the day.
- We prepared cupcakes for kindy for your birthday.  When we asked you about them and who they were for, you replied:  "They are for my People."  There is no denying you being Queen of your People :)

H: Balloon chasing fun - we've had such a lovely time hanging out.  You'll start school in a couple of months and I am already missing my little buddy and our time together.

A: Delight and happiness during your class performance at school - your face was alight and immersed in the joy of performing.

L xx

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  1. Happy Birthday Queen L - (there is something here for you and I'll catch up with your Mama soon)
    Dear Dear H you are such a sweet girl and growing up so fast
    And A beautiful shining A - I was there watching you perform (I may have even cried with pride) so beautiful

  2. I almost feel like bowing down and saying "We're not worthy" to L, but seriously, I do think we are a bit special to be shown these precious moments with your daughters.

  3. Hahah "for my people", she is such a character. Always beautiful photos and captions but this week even more so. Still laughing.

  4. Such magical goodness here!!! A very happy birthday to your little one!!! They are so adorable friend...what a sweet blessing!!!! Nicole xoxo

  5. I can so see you in that beautiful 3rd photo! lovely wee ladies xxx

  6. 'my people' - I love it. What a character she is. Those are a gorgeous pair of bunny ears and like Miriam I too can SO see you in the last pic of your gal!


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