Sunday, 6 April 2014


L: What a week you and I've had... but that little face and smile and tiny dimple, gets me everytime.
H: You've adopted my old doll and she has never been as well loved as by you... Even in the midst of scooter tag and a flurry of action you take care of her lovingly.
A: Always on the move, climbing, jiggling, running... your energy and capabilities know no bounds despite falling over...alot!
L xx

Joining in with Jodi @ Practising Simplicity


  1. they are such beautiful girls, how wonderful to watch them grow and develop into their own people. x

  2. L looks really grown up in this pic, hair getting longer by the day!

  3. I love how well you manage to capture their individuality week after week in so many different ways xx

  4. They are all adorable! And their joy is written all over their faces! Love it! Have a great week friend! Nicole xo

  5. I agree those dimples would make anyones heart melt
    Hope this week (and last) were better for you all
    I love seeing kids play with their parents toys (until they ruin them gggrrrr like my lil miss did)
    and A it's ok to fall over - Z is also accident prone :)


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