Sunday, 2 February 2014


H: On the phone with a family friend - it took a while to convince you to lower your voice as she wasn't that far away but just on the phone.
L: Applying more sunscreen when we were almost at the end of a zoo visit - a very good ratio of sunscreen to exposed skin area was achieved.
A: My sweet big girl on your birthday - still cant quite believe you are Six!

L xx

Joining in with Jodi @ Practising Simplicity


  1. Adorable, Adorable, Adorable! Your girls are precious!!!!! I can relate to the feelings surrounding birthdays! My oldest is going to be 5 in the fall and it just chokes me up! A very happy weekend to you! Nicole

  2. Gorgeous captures - love the concentration applying the sunscreen, that the cuddly toy is ever present on the phone call and that gorgeous dress - love the colour AND the polka dots xx

  3. That sunscreen shot is amazing. The perfect combination of calm and concentration.
    Happy birthday Miss 6!
    That Zebra seems to pop up all over the place... gotta love a well-loved toy. xx

  4. Beautiful girls
    Happy Birthday A xxx
    Love the sunscreen shot - so beautifully captured
    And the phone call ahhhhhh how sweet

  5. Oh - we have a sunscreen lover here too.
    Delightful shots.

  6. Love the phone picture! Talking on the phone is very serious business!! Bless xxx

  7. Lovely photos - beautiful girls


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