Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Show & Tell: Heffridge Trumpler Brompet Heffalump IV

Happy New Year!

Show & Tell Thursday's

Welcome to the first edition of Show & Tell for 2014!

Have you seen the Heffalump movie?  Do you know Lumpy?  Well this little guy is Lumpy.

Made for a little girl who is besotted with heffalumps!  I was lucky enough to find this great pattern, even if my version doesn't quite look like the one in the pattern ; )

Very fun to make and even more fun to give : )

What exciting crafty plans do you have for this year?
Hope you're all having a lovely relaxing break!
L xx

Show & Tell Thursday's


  1. oh my goodness could he/she be any cuter !! !!

  2. oh super cute. hope to join in this week if I get a chance to post xx

  3. Oh its so cute!!! it makes me want to watch The Heffalump movie again!!

  4. Ah I'm dying of cuteness! Nothing to share this week but I have big plans for next week.

    1. Actually- I do have something to share! Will link up now.

  5. Oh he is too cute! I bet he is well loved :-)

  6. My kiddos were watching the Heffalump yesterday evening. Gotta say I didn't hang around to watch... put some washing away while I was sans helpers!!!
    Love love love and adore you Lumpy. Too cute. Brilliant!

  7. Gorgeous!! All your crafty makings are fabulous! I love the red robin table runner you made, and the apple cute! Are you resting or still keeping your fingers busy? Happy New Year :))

  8. He is absolutely adorable. He will be the most loved Lumpy ever! X


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