Monday, 27 January 2014


L: "I'm sharing your lolly Mummy" you proclaimed, after we found you under the table with contraband...
H: Everyday you go out there and proudly set up the swingbal by yourself. Then you get into the serious business of hitting, and missing, the ball.
A: On your birthday eve eve, out on your own, at night, with Mum and Dad for dinner! You were so super excited and felt so special - such a special evening out with out big girl xx

L xx

Joining in with Jodi @ Practising Simplicity


  1. I love the top pic! I spy some Saltwaters too! Big happy birthday A xxx

  2. Lovely! What a great idea to go out to dinner with your eldest on your own. Love it.
    Beautiful pictures.

  3. I love the candy sharing... Classic! So glad big sis enjoyed her special night out xx

  4. Happy Birthday sweet girl
    I love the same same but different in your gorgeous girls

  5. You have beautiful girls....they look happy!

  6. They are just so precious friend! And I love that tradition of taking out your daughter for a special birthday dinner! She looks like she is in heaven!!! A very happy birthday to her! Nicole xo

  7. Great pics of your beauties, love A's face and the idea of a special dinner too :-)

  8. I just love the concentration in the swingball shots, the serious contemplation under the table and the excitement of 'grown up time'. Beautiful xx


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