Sunday, 25 August 2013

Shoebox fun

Over the holidays... yes ages ago... the girls were dead keen on crafting and we had lots and lots of ideas.  Unfortunately we just didn't get round to many at all, but we did manage to do something!

We found a couple of old shoeboxes in good condition, pulled out the plastic covered mat, and got some glue, pretty paper, stickers and all sorts of goodies.

The girls went nuts recovering and decorating the lids of their new treasure boxes.  It was so interesting watching them create, only helping when asked to, and observing the different approaches.  One very free and wild approach and the other taking a more planned and considered direction.  Fascinating to watch their minds at work!

They love their wee boxes, so does little sis who was having a nap during the few hours of this session and loves to pull the stickers back off the boxes...

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L xx

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  1. that is such a great idea. Every kid needs a treasure box! x

  2. A fun idea to keep them busy...great thinking xx

  3. so much fun
    trying to put my thinking cap on as to which lil girl was which

  4. It does look fun. Great idea.


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