Monday, 8 July 2013

For the love of Zebra's

I've probably mentioned once or twice my #2 loves Zebra's.  So again for her birthday this year she wanted a "bebe" cake, and for her kindy celebration zebra cupcakes...

She got her Zebra cake...

And Zebra cupcakes for kindy.

I wonder if I have to start thinking of another version of a Zebra cake for next year?

Happy Birthday my darling girl x
L xx

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  1. Your cake looks amazing!! Hope she enjoyed her special day.
    Thanks for linking in xx

  2. Love the cake, so cute!

  3. I saw the cake photo and my jaw dropped, it's awesome! You just know I am going to google how to make that two-tone icing on the cupcakes, that looks very cool too. Happy birthday to your gorgeous daughter.

  4. The cake is AMAZing!!!! I bet it was a shame to cut into it! xxx

  5. Oh my, how incredible does that cake look?! Wow. Happy birthday to your lovely H, I hope she had a wonderful day. xx

  6. Awesome cake and the cupcake icing swirl is so neat!! You know Cat asked me the other day is there anything I can't do? Making birthday cakes!! I'm hopeless....I keep it simple or it ends up in disaster :))

  7. that is a beauty! and so smooth! i'm hopeless at icing.
    and your wee lass is so cute!
    you know we may have a budding zebra fan here too. fin fave teething toy is a trade aid zebra toy!


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