Monday, 29 July 2013

A blue one

Following on from my trend of showing a sheet a week... here is a blue retro sheet found at the same time and place as the pink ones from last week...

Double size and gorgeous!  (It's much more "blue" and vibrant than the photo's suggest!)  May be the backing for H's quilt when I get there one day or something else perhaps?!

I'm sure you are getting the idea of why I was so freeking excited about these finds - all in one day!

One more to come next week.  Wish me luck as I hope to find more goodies in the meantime : )
Joining in with awesome Max.
L xx


  1. Oh those sheets are gorgeous! Reminds me of my nana and poppas house :)

  2. The pink ones were on Momma and Grandad's share beds - I remember them well! x

  3. they are the epitome of thrifty sheet chic, cant believe you got 3 all in one go!

  4. ah blue florals - how I love thee!

  5. They're lovely. Are you on pinterest? Someone pinned a row of little dresses all made from sheets like yours. So pretty!

  6. A perfect backing for a quilt, love them!


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