Tuesday 18 June 2013

Winter viewing

So the odd evening when I'm not working, I can sit in front of the box with my current craft/crochet project and disengage the brain... sort-of : )

Here's some of the doozies I'm currently enjoying:
Mad Men
Not what we expected at all given the hype but we get what the hype is/was about... it is that good.  Well written, engaging, fascinating character development and a riveting look back into time, we are still thoroughly enjoying tuning in after just having completed seasons 1 to 4...

The Big Bang Theory
It never fails to make me laugh out loud... clever, whitty and funny.  Always good for a wee chuckle :)

The Killing
Season 3 has just started and the show has returned to the fantastic form of Season 1.  Great actors, awful bad guys, gripping storyline.

What are you watching? Any recommendations?
Have a happy Humpday!
L x


  1. Hmmmm well my one and only tv viewing these days is Coronation Street and it certainly doesn't appeal to everyone.
    I'd LOVE to watch Mad Men thou - I saw one episode on the plane home from London.

  2. I'm a huge Grey's Anatomy fan and the 9th series has just started - wheeeeee! Other than that, I don't really watch anything else regularly. Have heard nothing but good things about Mad Men though.

  3. I'm desperately waiting for the next season of Downton Abbey. In the meantime I think I'll check out some of your recommendations. Oh, also currently watching my way through every episode of Friends (it just never gets old).

  4. Did you watch the original Swedish version of the Killing? It was AMAZING!!! I don't dare to watch the American version now for fear of being disappointed.

  5. My family are totally hooked on The Big Bang Theory. We seemed to miss it the first time round, but fortunately it gets repeated every night.

  6. Love The Big Bang Theory too!

  7. Love the Big Bang and I'm tempted to give Mad Men a go at some point. I LOVE Miranda at the moment and I'm really hoping we get the 2nd series of Call The Midwife soon as the UK had it AGES ago!


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