Sunday 6 November 2011

Rugby Swapping ♥

On Friday we received not only one but TWO parcels!

Fun times around here : )

A couple of months ago we signed up for the Kids Rugby World Cup Country Swap hosted by the lovely Megan.  We offered to represent either South Africa or New Zealand depending on which country she was short on!  And in the end we represented my home country South Africa.

We had to wait until about lunch time when everyone was finally home and had some time to sit down and get into it.  And the girls loved every minute of unpacking their box of goodies!

Our swap partners don't have a blog (that I'm aware of!) so I wont take it upon myself to put their names out there, but THANK YOU! The girls loved it :)

And in return we had sent a few goodies purchased from some Auckland SA'can stores, home-made colouring book, fact sheet and softies.

An absolutely delightful swap to participate in!

Hope all the other participants have given, received, learned and enjoyed the experience too!

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  1. What a wonderful parcel both sent and received.
    Mine hasn't arrived yet - however - I'm waiting on several parcels from America so I'm blaming the post . . .
    The girls look thrilled


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