Tuesday 8 November 2011


Someone bought my dreamhouse... I was a second too late clicking the button and upping the bid!  We're talking a millisecond, if that... It's been an hour and I'm still feeling the pain........... :(

So So Gutted.... :(


  1. Ouch! Must be something better for you out there?

  2. Oh no! I'd stalk the buyer in case they decide it's not for them and stick it back on trademe! I feel your pain. I found the most awesomepiece of mid century glass in the op-shop yesterday, a bird, gorgeous, understated, immaculate. perfect for husband for christmas, and only 20 c!!!!! When I got it home I dropped it. Smithereens. Too sad. we'll mourn together! x

  3. No No No - there will be another, somewhere . . . we'll scour the op shops


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