Sunday, 7 August 2011

Wordless Sunday: A Childhood Memory Revisited

Linking up with Resplendent Renee today for Wordless Sunday: A Childhood Memory Revisited.


  1. Oooooh puppy! My husband has a very much loved dog that is the spitting image of this one at home in South Africa - he's quite old now and his Mum treats him like a baby - he's very much one of the family - my 3 year old asks to 'speak' to Trigger over the phone when we talk!!! Love the wicked witch of the west style legs in the background!!!

  2. well actually... she's about 14 years old... :) Her name is scooter and she belongs to a friend. She's such a hoot though and definitely is still a puppy for all intents and purposes! We love her to bits, she loves our girls to bits too and she reminds me so so much of our Jack Russell's in SA and the ones we've had in NZ too. Such awesome little dogs! Scootie's brother Sam was on the other side of Anya's legs - she'd positioned herself between them (in this strange pose!) alternating attention from one to the other.

  3. That's one soulful dog!
    Haha as Renee made a note of saying, those legs poking out are awesome and so so Wizard of Oz!


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