Wednesday, 2 December 2015

November - 10 months and counting

The month started with the second half of school term resuming.  It was a fun and busy few weeks on the school front.  H had a trip to a transport museum, A to the space station, L to a restaurant.  There were a couple of workshops, H received a certificate at assembly and we had a teacher interview for L.  Along with all the other regular school things :)

The girls have also enjoyed a few playdates with lovely friends, the kids in the street and a birthday party.  We had a lovely bonfire and fireworks night with the people in our street - much to everyone's delight and enjoyment.  We had an entertaining visit to the doctor's office where the poor nurse thought she was going to remain deaf permanently after giving L vaccinations.  The first time any of our girls had screamed like that for their vaccinations.  It was loud... but amuzing :)

L and I had our embroidery date this month - such a delight that all three my girls have enjoyed these trips and trying their hands at this craft.  There have been regular weekly walks with a friend - an opportunity for a little extra exercise and getting to explore our suburb on foot.  Lots of the usual life goings on, Hubster spent a week in Spain for work, and as the temperatures dropped we had fun roasting marshmallows.

Many Christmas gifts were finally finished and sent off to their various destinations.  And now we start thinking about our first Winter Christmas here!  Exciting!

L xx


  1. I love that you all get stuck into seeing your surrounding areas as well as chill out at home...........loving the look of your winter, cosy and homely.

  2. you are having such a beautiful time xx

  3. Fun! I hope you all have an awesome Christmas! It store looks like a beautiful place to live! Xxxxx

  4. Love following your dream ... I did giggle re vaccinations and love the photo of toasting marshmallows
    Enjoy your white Christmas and I hope the dream is still beautiful xxx
    Much love

  5. Love toasted marshmallows, and having a street party with a bonfires sounds fun.


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