Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Show & Tell - The Silent Edition

Hi Lovelies!

Show & Tell Thursday's

Today I have nothing to show... but that doesn't mean I haven't been making stuff!  The latest creations are gifts and as much as I would love to share... I'll just have to save it for now :)

Here are a few sneaky peeks ...

In the meantime I have a few more gifts to make along with some other goodies.  At the moment the urgent list is so long I am having a hard time figuring out what to do first...

Do you get overwhelmed by the multitude of things waiting to be done?

March's giveaway is this entertaining book: The New Zealand Woman.  An 80 year visual history of NZ fashion, food, home and of course women. In addition the winner can pick one (or two or three) patterns to the combined/total value of $10 on Craftsy!
The New Zealand Woman cover

Looking forward to seeing what you've not-so-secretly been making!
L xx

PS:  If you know of anyone/shop that would like to be featured and offer some giveway goodies, I'd love to hear from them!

Show & Tell Thursday's


  1. my urgent list is always so much less fun looking than my want-to-do list.... but maybe that's just because I HAVE to get it done

  2. The snippets are exciting...cant wait to see what they are!

  3. Can't wait for the big reveal
    I think I recognise two

  4. Oooh tantalizing sneak peeks!! And yes I do get overwhelmed - I generally cope by start something else, ot tidying up or decluttering something which is possibly counter-intuitive ;P

  5. They all look like lovely creations but I am really intrigued by the one in the top left corner :)


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