Tuesday 10 April 2012

MSB - Group 1 Blocks

I have loved every minute of working on this bee to date... So much so that when groups and participants for round 2 were finalised my sewing machine starting going a bit nuts...  Yes, the machine, not me : )

I've heard back from all the lovely ladies in Group 1 and the blocks have all made it to their destinations happily:

Juliet, Cat, Sharon, Kelli, Nin & Debra

Cant wait to see what the mail-man brings me!
Happy Hump Day!


  1. Well done Leonie, you really did an excellent job! They look amazing all laid out together!

  2. They do look great all together. Watch your mailman as mine is on its way :o)

  3. they all look fab and i love mine :D love the new look too

  4. gosh they are all so pretty !! !! !!

  5. You smashed it!! You must know how to do these in your sleep huh? Its a great block for the rainbow colour scheme and the 2-3 colour scheme. Yah!


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