Tuesday, 20 March 2012

In the mail: Block from Lisa

I had a happy letterbox today!  Not only did I receive a parcel of new fabrics for the bee, but Lisa's block arrived too!

Thanks Lisa - I love it and it looks great alongside the other ones!


  1. Mine arrived today tooooooo :) Love how all the different fabrics and colours are coming together . . . .

  2. oh snap i was meant to cut off that pesky string !!!! i forgot..Me too me too i couldnt help but order more fabric for new bee i get bored with fabric ive already used in the blocks so i need to mixed it up I got Naomies and Angies in Joel dewberry range .and i have the pink in that range which is very pretty i can use on just about every ones block.

    Have u decided on a block ?? i have a few marked in the Morden quilt block book and i also have my eye on the starflower..

    Great job with groups ours pretty much uses same fabric colours.


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