Wednesday 4 January 2012

Lisa's New Year Cracker

Late last year I signed up for Lovely Lisa's New Year's Cracker Swap.  Being a bit eager I got it all ready and sent by mid December and Lisa confirmed it arrived later that month.

Lisa's preferred colours are pink, yellow, blue and green, she likes to sew, loves Alice in Wonderland and does mixed media art... So here's what I sent.

The cracker:
My tubing was two craft container stacks screwed into each other filled with buttons, 5x ribbons, 4x packs of glass beads & embellishments, 4x iron on characters.  All wrapped up in the blue cherry blossom fabric.

Bits that didn't fit in the cracker were tied up in this bundle:
It included: Another metre of fabric, binding, pins, pin cushion, embellishments, tissues, 2x rolls of ribbon, a bookmark, a pink crocheted star and... an Alice In Wonderland Rabbit Brooch made by the talented Davina from Art Devine.

Also included was a gorgeous 30 sheet Scrapbook Paper set (Heidi's Garden - much to the delight of my little Heidi), and I really felt that I needed to include something handmade (other than the crochet star!) for this talented lady so I created the Blossom Man :)

I really hope you love all the goodies and they come in handy Lisa!
Happy New Year!
L xx


  1. i def dont like I ABSOLUTLY LOVE !!! everything you sent lucky ME!! i love the little blossom man hes colors are so cheery hes sitting in my sewing area.

    i love every single item! and i never would have thought of those containers BRILLANT!!

    ive gotta do a blog post too..hubby has the camera,

  2. Wow! What a great package you put together and what a great idea to use the craft storage containers for the body of your cracker.

  3. Yeah what an AMAZING package you put together xxx
    I finally put mine together yesterday so will post to Australia tomorrow xxx


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