Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Show & Tell - Sunshine

Hi Everyone!

Show & Tell Thursday's

Well I'm still in the process of procrastination and not really making progress on the to-do list... Nothing quite like pressure right?

Sooo in the spirit of doing things that don't need immediate doing... I made this little hat...

Look a little familiar? That's because very talented Nin made one that she linked up last week.  Check out this super adorable hat! I fell in love... especially as I'd been thinking we needed a hat that would cover little ears for the soon to be chilly wind on our walks!

After some direction and discussion with Nin on the different aspects, I set about trying to duplicate her knitted work as a crocheted piece.  The main body is single crochet, the ribbing: front and pack post double crochet, then decreasing double crochet along the neckline, and alternating double and single crochet rows for the band under the chin.  And I somehow managed to do this all as one piece - no snips or joins!

I'd recently learned how to do "ribbing", using what is called front post double crochet (fpdc) and back post double crochet (bpdc). This is a great tutorial on the fpdc and bpdc technique.  

Yellow is the little model's favourite colour and is so bright and happy.  she was very accommodating in letting Mum measure the work in progress... most of the time!  Thanks again Nin for the inspiration and help!  And providing me with a suitable side project to stay distracted ; )

Next week I'll draw and announce March's giveaway: The New Zealand Woman, along with a Craftsy pattern or two!  The Giveaway for April is pretty awesome and will come from the lovely ladies at More Than Fabric.  More about it next week : )
The New Zealand Woman cover

Cant wait to see what you've been making - perhaps some Easter craft?
L xx

Show & Tell Thursday's


  1. That is so cute - I think I would look good in one of these too. Well done on mastering a new technique too. You are clever! :o)

  2. adorable pixie hat! and so clever to adapt it to crochet...I adore the last photo....mouth opened wide....zoning?

  3. That is amazing - I love it
    And such a cute model too

  4. Awesome! I LOVE crochet, but i'm a pattern follower at heart and that is my biggest beef with crochet. Most of the goodies (like you) just make it up! So frustrating! I wish I had that skill!

  5. Love it...... you are one creative lady! xx

  6. I'm ditto with Soph, I like a pattern to follow! But how cute is that hat!! Well done!

  7. it certainly looks cosy. great job xxx

  8. How clever are you? Love it! (bit in awe...!!!)

  9. I just thing you're awesome for taking the inspiration and giving it your own spin. Sorry to be the distraction :p

  10. What a cuuute hat! I think I'll have a go at one myself...

    Holly xx


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