Monday 4 March 2013

A Flower Rainbow Birthday Cake

For her Birthday, Anya had requested all manner of different cakes for months... One mostly common theme was flowers.  The final result was fairly basic but still fun and had the birthday girl ooohing and aahhing with approval.  

I spent a bit of time researching rainbow cake recipes - looking for a good balance of not-too-sweetness, but moist, delicious and would last the distance.  I settled on this awesome rainbow cake recipe.

After the first two layers came out of the oven I was just a touch concerned that I had gotten it right as they were skinny... super skinny... but once a few more came out I felt better at the size it would make.  Big enough to feed at least 25 people on the day and then some!

I am yet to hone my fondant draping skills... one day it will be perfect : )

The cake itself received lots of praise and compliments for it's flavour - definitely a winning recipe then!

End result: a very vibrant flower rainbow cake and an thrilled-to-bits little girl.  Yay!

Have a happy Tuesday lovelies.
L x

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  1. I love it - I haven't done it yet but I really want to!

  2. That is so fantastic. Love the icing and then cutting into it - amazing

  3. Ah you're too modest! Your cake looks amazing! Not surprised that the birthday girl loved it.

  4. Awesome! Great job! Lucky little lady! And FIVE!! She'll remember that one!

  5. This looks so complicated! What an awesome job. I think your cake decorating skills are awesome.

  6. Hey! Cool cake! This awesome post might help you hone your fondant skills :) I found it very helpful anyway!


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