Wednesday 13 March 2013

Show and Tell - Paint and Paste

Why hello there Thursday!

Show & Tell Thursday's

I think we're almost at the end of the Birthday items but today I'm sharing one (possibly) last related item with you.   

For party favours I wanted to do something different - something fun, useful, personal and that would last.  Enter chalkboard clipboards.

The next couple of days were spent getting some help from pinterest, sourcing foolscap sized plan clipboards and some blackboard paint;
Tip: tie the clips back to make painting underneath easier.

painting (2x coats), playing around with paper and modge-podging;

playing with ribbons, trims and glue;

priming the board (by rubbing chalk all over it, then wiping with a dry cloth);

and lastly writing messages.

Each one had a collection of activities on it.  All rainbow and coloured themed - maizes  colouring pages from awesome designer Tinch, paper people, etc.  

Each child got to choose one and take it home.  There were neutral and boy themed boards and pictures among all the girly ones, so none of the boys had to settle for pink or flowers or birds!

Dont forget the giveaway for March is this entertaining book: The New Zealand Woman.  An 80 year visual history of NZ fashion, food, home and of course women. In addition the winner can pick one (or two or three) patterns to the combined/total value of $10 on Craftsy!
The New Zealand Woman cover

Thanks for stopping in today and I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you've been up to!
Have a happy day!
L xx

Show & Tell Thursday's


  1. Everything you do is so well executed. I love these what a fab idea :o) and something you'd be happy to have you little one come home with. Thanks for doing such a fun linky xxx

  2. Theyre really cool. Be great for car trips. Think i might have to rustle one up for claud x

  3. I love this idea! That beats lollies and cake any day :)

  4. What a mega awesome idea!
    Might have to steal this one for my daughters "creative party" she's turning 9 this year. Eeek!

  5. Ooooh - that is a brilliant idea and who won't be stoked to receive that as a party favour. I bet your girl's birthday party will be the most remembered this year. I could see myself having a line of these on my studio wall. I shall have to pin that one for later.

  6. Such a fab idea for a party favour! Love it :-)

  7. These are fabulous.....another thing to my to do list...would make great gifts even for bigger people. xxx

  8. These were fabulous and both my kiddies have continued to use


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