Sunday 9 March 2014

The Cookie Connection - Part 2

The Cookie Connection: To deliver a batch of baking once a week to a neighbour in your street and make some connections in your neighbourhood.

Armed with supplies, and 3 super keen helpers we took to our street...

The girls loved running along and picking out bags to deliver. Some were left on doorsteps, but many more were handed over in person.

The girls are super outgoing kids and loved talking to everyone they met. We had such a great time meeting many new friendly faces.

There were lots of hugs, chats, a few cups of tea and even a watergun fight!

If people didn't know who the loud family of girls were before...they sure did now! These were some of the most fun-filled hours of our summer : )

Part 3 concludes our adventures next week!
L xx

You can read about Part 1 here.
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  1. I love this concept! So often we don't know our neighbours for one reason or another. this is good stuff.

  2. Leonie this is just beautiful
    You are raising your girls to have such kind giving generous hearts!
    Love Love Love

  3. love those photos - joyful!xx

  4. Amazing idea, you are such an inspirational mummy xx

  5. I love this so very much! I bet you made your neighbours days and the girls will probably talk about it for days to come xo

  6. That is a lovely idea Leonie! They say that charity starts at home (literally - there have been studies). You encourage me to do better :-)

  7. oh Leonie you are just the BEST MUM EVER ! what a wonderful thing ..I would so love to give this ago {but my neighbours prob think I was a weirdo hahahahaha }

    Hugs xo


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